Who do we recommend our services to?

Those who are seeking to invest their money into residential property and gain return by letting it

Those who already have invested in a property, have not tried to let it short-term, but are thinking about doing so

Those who have already let their flat short-term, but had too many problems with it

Those who have been successfully letting their flat for some time, but consequently have no time for important everyday issues

Our offer:

  • We make your flat attractive to travellers,
  • turn interest into bookings,
  • and thereby increase your income.
  • At the same time, we thoroughly screen the guests,
  • solve their problems and any issues that may occur in the flat,
  • and contribute to the “guest-experience” and thereby drive positive reviews.

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Some of our popular apartments

Our Services

We increase your income

  • Our consulting service helps to make your property stand out.
  • We maximise your income by amending the pricing to current booking trends.
  • We nurture and constantly update your advertisement on all platforms.
  • We reply to all enquiries.
  • We protect the interests of the owner with guarantees.
  • We make sure that guests write positive reviews about your flat.
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We manage your property

  • Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, but we fix it.
  • We clean the flat so that it resembles a five-star hotel.
  • The interior design and the atmosphere are essential to starting up your flat.
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We pay attention to people

  • The guest is always right, but your flat is the top priority.
  • Problems occur all the time, but overcoming these is our job.
  • We don’t only greet guests but also help them to have a great time.
  • We pay attention to good-neighbourliness.
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We maximise your profit

  • We bring greater returns.
  • The basis of trust is transparent and precise accounting.
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We help with the observance of regulations

  • We help obtaining your license, keeping accurate records, and invoicing.
  • We take charge of tax administration.
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