• Income
  • Occupancy rates
  • Satisfied customer
  • Satisfied owner



in a good location, the owner can earn a higher net income for a well-equipped flat relative to letting long-term. This difference is already substantial in the first year, but in the longer term, the balance between income and expenses can be constantly perfected and the efficiency of the flat can be improved, similarly to the hotel industry.

Occupancy rates

greater occupancy rates resulting from our industry expertise, from the customised sales strategy, and from the benefits of Astoria Management’s economies of scale


Satisfied customer

received an experience that made him/her feel happy – in terms of attention, service, environment, location and value for money

Satisfied owner

has a profitable investment, which he/she has no more problems with, which is looked after by professionals, and which offers such an accommodation where he/she would also happily stay

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