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Booking manager

The sale of guest nights is like a strategy game for me and my team. We monitor the market, the prices, the occupancy rates and the season fluctuations with the objective of selling the most apartment-nights on the highest price possible.


The most crucial thing for me is to keep in direct contact with the owners, so that they are able to discuss the most important issues regarding their flats with me, and that they can ask me with confidence if they need business or strategic advice.

Apart from this, I manage the company, ensure its smooth operation, and guarantee high-quality, precise service.

0-24 h. Call Center

Our job is not done when the guest presses the “book” button.

They may already have questions during booking, and replying to these is sometimes a key step in the booking procedure.

They might also be curious after deciding to book an apartment, and we know the answers to all their questions.

Office Manager

I am the base person at the company, who manages the administration and the official matters, and organise the work of the many cooperating parties.

Together with the CEO, I am in charge of the company’s finances, accounting, and the precise monthly statements informing the owners.


We like to meet new people, help them at the check-in and the check-out while keeping a protective eye out for the apartment: after the cleaners and before the guests, and after the guests and before the cleaners.

Maintenance Worker

In other words; problem-solver. If I weren’t so calm-natured, I would be very surprised by the number of problems that need to be solved daily at a company like this. For some, my expertise suffices, while for others I have to contact our network of craftsmen.

The key is quick troubleshooting.

Interior Designer

A pillow laid at the right place, a comfortable couch, and a well-chosen mood lighting can all make the guest feel much better after a tiring day. At the same time, a little bit of clever painting, a cupboard placed in an unutilised corner, or a money-saving solution can make the owner feel much better. The required creativity is my job.

Éjszakai kép


The flat can only showcase its true beauty if it looks and smells clean. We do our job with passion, so that the guest can rest peacefully. We use carefully chosen cleaning materials and make order in the apartments with an expertise acquired through years of precise work.

To us, not even the little flaws are acceptable.

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