We increase your income

Our consulting service helps to make your property stand out. To bring out the most of your flat, it has to be tailored by professionals to make it attractive to guests and allow it to produce income to the owner in the long term, without problems.

We maximise your income by amending the pricing to current booking trends. Our dedicated professionals continuously analyse market trends, compare accommodation prices and occupancy rates, and set optimal prices for your flat accordingly.

We nurture and constantly update your advertisement on all platforms. We create appealing booking pages for your flat, from which guests can clearly see that they’re going to enjoy their time there. We showcase the true beauty of the property with professional photos, which is the main pillar of success when advertising accommodations online.

We reply to all enquiries. Our booking managers and hosts are available 24/7 to react to booking requests and answer questions so that we don’t lose any potential guests, even if they come from America or the Far East.

We protect the interests of the owner with guarantees. We avoid fake bookings and assure the protection of the apartment’s condition with credit card bookings and cash deposits avoiding any losses and securing any damages that may occur.

We make sure that guests write positive reviews about your flat. For guests to leave with positive emotions, a comfortable, clean and well-located flat is sometimes not enough, something extra is needed: some exclusive information, a little thoughtfulness, or an unexpected act of kindness. Satisfied guests happily share their great experiences online and thereby drive more bookings.

We manage your property

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, but we fix it. Murphy’s law is especially true at night, at weekends, on the day after the renovation and when a very picky or a particularly well-paying guest is staying in your flat. So that you don’t have to brawl with the clogged sink, we work together with a team of professionals who are available any time and have an expertise in both repair and maintenance.

We clean the flat so that it resembles a five-star hotel. What you do on a regular cleaning day at home is both more and less than what a let flat requires. The guest not only needs to see, but also feel the order, the cleanliness, and the freshness. They need to feel like no one has ever slept in the apartment before.

The interior design and the atmosphere are essential to starting up your flat. We know what makes guests feel like they are going to spend their next couple of days in a trendy, modern, and comfortable apartment. Our interior designer can turn the flat into a cosy apartment with only a few clever ideas and small changes.

We pay attention to people

The guest is always right, but your flat is the top priority. Travelers are very diverse: they come from a variety of cultural backgrounds, have customs completely unfamiliar to us, and sometimes their expectations and ways of life are very different from what we term normal. Therefore, it is pivotal that we pay attention to them.

Problems occur all the time, but overcoming these is our job. The guest, when he comes to relax, completely unwinds: locks himself out of the flat, can’t press the right button on the remote control, forgets the code to the main gate, can’t find the address, loses the key, closes the safe and can’t open it anymore. We solve these problems quickly and with a smile on our faces.

We not only greet the guests but also help them to have a great time. Our guests receive an outstanding service from the moment they arrive. Map, restaurant reservation, car rental, ticket purchase, information about the exciting sights in the city – this is all included in the arrival package. And if they require any additional information, we answer any questions they might have.

We pay attention to good-neighbourliness. Next to, above or below your flat, there will definitely be neighbours who might be cooperative and patient, but might as well be angry about guests coming and going all the time. To protect the relationship between you and your neighbours, the problematic guests have to be convinced to adhere to the house rules of your property. This is also our job.

We maximise your profit

We bring greater returns. We are building the most efficient and best-managed short-term letting system, with which we can reduce your expenses. We employ experienced and professional personnel for every task ranging from the reception of guests to maintenance works. The selling of guest nights and the efficiency of the operative processes are supported by an intelligent in-house IT system.

The basis of trust is transparent and precise accounting. We therefore manage a precise and up-to-date reporting system that clearly shows the bookings, payments, expenses, and your income.

We help with the observance of regulations

We help obtaining your license, keeping accurate records, and invoicing. There is a lot to do even before starting up an accommodation in Budapest, and letting the flat itself also leads to a great deal of administrative work. You have to register the flat with the local government, request a tax number, and register to be paying tourist and property tax. You must keep a continuous record of the guests and give every guest an invoice. Our team does all of this for you and ensures that you only have to concentrate on your income.

We take charge of tax administration. The operator of the accommodation has to pay attention to a variety of taxes. Apart from the tourist tax, the property tax, and the income tax, in some cases even VAT has to be accounted for. With the aid of our tax professional, we will do the necessary administrative work and tax declaration for you as well as helping you comply with relevant regulations and obligations.

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